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A BradIdea.

Biodegradable Coffins

The Problem: Embalming and burying humans, and animals for that matter, in environmentally unfriendly coffins like metal or treated wood do unnecessary damage to the planet and go against the natural order of biodegradation. The Idea: Coffins should be primarily … Continue reading

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Ancient Video Game Holding Company

The Problem: Just because a video game is old does not make it any less awesome. However the hardware used to play old games can be cumbersome to maintain, and the legality of classic software available posted on the Internet … Continue reading

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Truck Merge Zone Laser Deterrence

The idea here is pretty simple. Attach to trucks a laser beam, similar to what might be used at laser shows, or even just a good strong light with some filters and lenses, that projects a pattern on the road … Continue reading

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Flexible Rear View Mirrors

The Idea: Make car rear-view mirrors, exterior and possibly interior, out of a more flexible material, thus allowing the driver to mechanically adjust the shape of the mirror to be more concave (zoom in but narrow focus) or convex (wider … Continue reading

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Toilet Paper Direction Indicator

This one comes to us from our friend Andy and is a simple elegant solution to a problem we all have from time to time. The Idea: Directional indicators throughout the toilet paper roll to indicate the unspool direction. There … Continue reading

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Open Car Door Reflective Tape

Problem: When getting out of the car on a busy street you open your car door and wham, you get hit by a passing car. (Example). Okay, maybe that’s overkill, but I do have a genuine fear of getting hit … Continue reading

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Inflatable Pants

Problem Statement: You find yourself needing to sit on a lot of hard surfaces, like floors, logs or bleachers, but your rear-end hurts after sitting on that hard surface for a while. Solution: An inflatable air bag in the seat … Continue reading

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