BradIdea (noun)
A good idea that may make the world a better place, but the originator is not able or inclined to execute the idea to completion.

About bradidea.org
Read through the ideas posted. If you like one and want to do something about it, great, go for it. I (Brad Joss) claim no legal right to any idea posted and will make no claims on any gains from ideas posted. However, others may claim partial or full rights to any idea posted, and it is the responsibility of the person(s) executing the idea to ensure they have a legal right to do so. I make no claim that any of the ideas posted are original. If you do hit the jackpot with an idea you found on this site and you want to “thank me”, I will happily accept (:-)). Feel free to contact me with concerns, question, comments or ideas at bradjossidea@gmail.com.

I get ideas. A lot of them. Some good. Some bad. Several years ago, my wife suggested I come up with “the million dollar idea”, and I started spouting out all sorts of crazy ideas. Unfortunately for her I never really stopped spouting ideas, and even worse for her, I never followed up on any of them. Some of those ideas were really good ideas that could help a lot of people, but I do not have the skills, knowledge or funding to really deliver the ideas to fruition. So I thought I would offer up the ideas to the public domain in hopes that someone else might be motivated to see one or more ideas through to completion.

Have a bradidea?
If you are willing to part with your idea completely and totally, and would like to share it with me to be posted, please contact me via email at bradjossidea@gmail.com.

About Brad
My name is Brad Joss and I live with my wife in Seattle, Washington, USA. I am happily employed in high-tech, working primarily on efficiency systems. In my free time, I enjoy friends, family and working on side projects like this site.

While I am thankful to many, MANY, people for countless things, specific to this site I am thankful for my wife for putting up with my “million dollar ideas” all these years. I am thankful to my family who continues to encourage me to question the status quo and creatively seek solutions to all manner of problems. Thanks to Cheryl who has been so helpful with ensuring posted content is acceptable.


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