Toilet Paper Direction Indicator

This one comes to us from our friend Andy and is a simple elegant solution to a problem we all have from time to time.

Toilet Paper Roll Direction

Visual and/or tactile indicator of the unspool direction of the toilet paper roll.

The Idea: Directional indicators throughout the toilet paper roll to indicate the unspool direction. There are lots of different ways to approach this, but a simple colored arrow strip on one side of the roll would probably work well. When replacing the roll, knowing that the colored strip goes on the left (or right if that’s how your family rolls) will avoid that annoying spin-and-seek for the starting sheet, and the more annoying keep spinning until it unwinds to the floor dilemma. Arrows in the strip will give a strong visual clue to the seated user of proper unroll direction.

Tying into other ideas posted, you could also put the remaining sheet count every 50 or so sheets in the strip (see End of the Toilet Roll Reminder).

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