Nylons with Odor Eaters in the Feet

This bradidea comes to us from cousin Sarah G. The problem statement is: After wearing nylons/stockings all day in warm weather, or just wearing them with warm shoes, at the end of the day your sweaty feet make for an unpleasant ripeness when you disrobe.

The idea: Integrate an “Odor Eater” (or Dr. Scholl’s) style foot odor absorbing pad into the feet of the nylons. Alternatively, make the sole out of a more permeable material to improve airflow that will work with an existing Odor Eater that is in the shoe but not attached to the hose. The value added comfort would likely be a big selling point in higher-end product lines. The key challenges will likely be figuring out how to keep costs down and keep the entire product washing machine safe while maintaining the odor absorbing effectiveness of the insole.

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