End of the Toilet Roll Reminder

This is another one from my brother Jason. He is taking a well-thought-out page from the cash register tape people or check-book “It’s time to reorder” reminder people, where when you are near the end of the roll of toilet paper (TP), you are reminded the end is nigh.

The idea is simple, color the last few sheets of TP on each roll a little differently, maybe light pink like Kleenex does? Or even just a colored stripe down one side of the last few sheets like the cash register tape? A value-added feature would be to add some reminder text like “The end is nigh! Make sure next roll is within arm’s reach!”

This idea would hopefully help reduce the number of embarrassing times where you have to yell out from the bathroom asking your wife to grab a package of TP from the storage closet downstairs.

Key Design Concepts: The color additive must not impact people with skin sensitivity. The reminder message should be appropriately localized and/or in multiple languages. Bonus might be a count of sheets remaining on the roll every 50 or so sheets to indicate just how much time you have left as opposed to guessing based on roll thickness.

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