Car/Mobile Radio Tuner Seek By Signal Strength

When using the “Seek” option on your car radio, which most seem to have, it should seek by signal strength and not by station identification, as is usually the case. In the case that two or more stations are of equal reception strength, then order by station identification.

Why? Those going to a specific station number are more likely to use the dial or a pre-set feature to get to that specific station. The seek function is pretty much only used when you don’t know what station to listen to, so why not present the stations with the best signals first?

There is lots of room for bonus features in this space, like filtering off the digital stations when in analog mode, or vice versa, and/or ranking digital higher than analog in the seek order, etc… Given my car radio is 10 years old, I will assume some of these have been taken care of already, but as I noted before, I post these ideas hoping for broader acceptance.

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