Bar Shampoo

Make shampoo in bar form, like a bar of soap, as opposed to liquid. When washing your hair, you rub the bar on your head to create the lather and the rest is as it would be with liquid shampoo. A value-added benefit would be to put shampoo and conditioner in one bar. If they can’t be merged together (like Pert brand shampoo does), then put shampoo on one side of the bar and conditioner on the flip side, or two smaller bars wrapped in the same package.


  • Post 9-11 in America, the TSA has messed with airport security, and this would reduce the amount of liquid we need to travel with on the plane.
  • Reduced shipping costs since you are not shipping a mostly water product (like liquid shampoos).
  • Easier to store in the bathroom since the form factor is less bulky.
  • Friendlier on landfills since the wrapper could be made out of compostable paper (like Dr. Bronner’s soap)
  • Takes less space in small showers.

Funny Story: A few years back, I had the good fortune to sit with a friend’s dad at dinner. He had long since retired from his job as a chemist for a big consumer products firm and was regaling me with “war stories from the lab”. The one that stands out is that he and his team accidentally discovered liquid dish soap at a time when everyone was using powdered dish soap. This was before electric dish washers were commonplace. He took the discovery to his boss who dismissed it saying, “no, we use powdered soap for dishes, no one will want to use liquid soap for dishes”. I think at my supermarket there are probably 20 non-machine liquid dish soaps and maybe, if even, one powdered. That was a missed opportunity.

Side Note: You may see me posting ideas that may already be out there, like Bar Shampoo. What I am really then urging is wider adoption of the idea across a broader range of products. Like with the two toilet paper (“TP”) ideas, I really want them to be used by Charmin (made by P&G) since it is my strongly-preferred brand of TP. Likewise with Bar Shampoo, I would like to see it extended to premium brands of shampoo and include conditioners, not just reusing some shampoo formula from the 1800’s.

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